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Kuizz is not your average creative. He's a Spotify artist turned self-taught artisanal chocolatier with a unique twist.


Kuizz has always had a passion for food and music. Growing up, he dreamed of combining the two to create something truly unique. After years of honing his musical skills, Kuizz decided to pursue his culinary passion and launch his own dessert line. He started experimenting with artisanal bon bons and desserts, using his music to inspire his flavor combinations. His journey led him to create "A Peculiar Palate," a dessert line that's both eccentric and delicious.

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Kuizz's background in music has given him a unique perspective on flavors and textures. He approaches dessert-making like he would creating a song, using different ingredients like instruments to create a harmonious blend. As a self-taught chocolatier, Kuizz has developed his own techniques and methods to create handcrafted bon bons, truffles, and desserts that are both delicious and visually stunning. His passion for experimentation and creativity has led him to be featured in several local publications and has garnered a following of dessert enthusiasts.

With his hit song "Vibe" on Spotify, Kuizz's creativity and capability are evident. His desserts are no different, offering a unique and flavorful experience that's unlike anything else.

Follow Kuizz's sweet tooth journey on social media and let your taste buds be delighted by his peculiar palate.

Clients include:

Piaget, Wardah, Louis Vuitton